Authentic Knitting Board Sock Loom 2 Knitting Board with "Sock Loom Projects" Book

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Making your own socks, Lynne2418 MN
Fun tool for almost anyone that doesn't know how to knit
knitting crazy, Sock Loom 2, cadair6 KS
I love this had since last Saturday, right now making my first leg warmers, next I plan to make scarf their right it isn't hard, and for me, I thought maybe, since I never, knitting anything, and now I am learning how to the easy way, thanks knitting board, and HSN for a very product once again. I love this, and I plan to get more of these, to make anything I can think of.
I can do it!!!, Kellar NJ
I Have been trying to knit and crochet for about 20 years and I never got it. I bought this sock loom and I have already made 2 pairs of socks. They look like socks too. lol lol... I'm making everyone I know a pair for Christmas. It is easy the introductions they give you are easy to follow. It may be Aug. but I'm wearing my socks everywhere.
Fun Product!, MsMagoo FL
This is such a fun product. The instructions and loom are so easy to use. I now have a list of projects I want to do using this. So glad I purchased this. Don't you just love great craft tools!?!
easy to use!!! such a time saver!!!, hsnrox2011 CA
the book alone will be enought for me to cover gifts for this xmas season. first time i ever used a loom. it is pretty cool. I have a little one now and so using 5 double pointed needles does not seem like a safest craft project tools. i started on some gloves and I cannot be more happier!!!! i read the instructions wrong and it is turning out otobe a doggie scarf......but either than that it is clear. DO not think too much. just do as it says and it is easy to do. The book is pretty cool BEGINNERS and those not so confident in knitting can benefit greatly from this. THE Fact that u have a loom is another plus because double pointed needles slip, are not that safe for young ones/animals......and its easy to take along.
Really fun!!, col30 NY
I really like this sock board! It looks professional, and it is fun to do. It is really addicting, and the results are awesome! It is very easy for a beginner. There are also many projects included in the book. You can also go on youtube to find more patterns.
Sock happy, Shortystuff9 MN
In 1996 I lost most of my fingers do to frostbite and now I can go back to doing what I got do before with 4 needles.
Sock Loom 2, BanburyGirl NY
I just opened it up & I'm looking forward to getting the hang of this. I messed up the 1st time so I've undone it & I'll try again when I'm not being interrupted ;) . I'm sure I'll soon be doing it fine with no problems. I may have to go back online for a refresher.
for medium worst yarn, enailmary TX
I have not tried my loom yet. However I have read over the instruction. With a basic knowledge of knitting I found that this was simple to understand. By basic knowledge of knitting I could knit a scarf and that is it. The pattern that comes with the loom calls for a medium worst yarn, size 4, and the loom is for medium worst yarn such has a nice wool. It is not for fine sock yarn, but they do make a finer gauge loom just like this one for finer yarn. I am excited to try the loom after I purchase the right size yarn. Now I can crochet anything and do have a good knowledge of gauges of yarn, stitches etc...
Really Like This Sock Loom 2, GailN FL
I have many knitting looms, but this is the first sock loom I've ever purchased. I'm anxious to make socks so will give it a try. I love the fact that the book came with it with instructions; however, it would have been so much more helpful if the DVD was also enclosed as better to watch in action how the sock is actually made. I was able to view on YouTube and the Authentic Knitting Looms website. But better to pop in a DVD. I'm hoping that when I begin that it will be easy to make a sock. With experience making hats and scarves, I am hoping socks will also be a success. I'm glad I purchased this well-made loom and look forward to enjoying many happy hours making all kinds of sock projects featured in the book. The book is well-written and an excellent source of information. I'm happy with my purchase and would have given it 5 stars if the DVD was included.
not crazy about it, TaipeiMeigwo KS
The instructions and book are useless for learning. Also, half of the patterns are for fine yarn on a fine-peg loom (not THIS loom which requires worsted weight yarn). Had to go online to watch videos of how to use this loom. It is difficult to maneuver the yarn when on the inside pegs. I am not yet convinced that this is faster than needle knitting, but at least it isn't as hard on my arthritic thumbs.So far I am not terribly impressed, but will keep working at it and try to find a better pattern book.
Sock loom, Crystal11285 IA
I am sure this is a good product. But I couldn't figure it out.
Sock Loom, Jody475 NJ
The idea is great but I had no luck using it. Gave it to Salvation Army so someone with more luck then I had can use it and make some great socks.
socks, inhisname OH
I had a hard time following the directions
Not for the Novice, ClsssyLassie TX
I found this knitting loom to be very difficult to understand and have made several attempts to getting a sock going. So far no luck. My opinion is that this was for someone who could already knit - not for a crafter who knew nothing about the subject.
Its ok, benzbev OH
The needles' ends are too large to loop the thinner yarrns
puzzled, Sassysusie1954 AZ
Well I love the idea of making specialty socks for everyone for next Christmas. However even after reading the book. And watching videos did not help. The loom is so small pegged that I can not get my hands in a place to use properly...and I am used to using looms. I also purchased one for a friend for xmas. she managed to do a few rows and the yarn just got tighter to the point she could not use hers either.Michaels was having a class and all the students were having problems. I feel I have wasted my money twice and will go in a donation box sadly.
Unfortunately I am returning the product. Upon receiving my loom, I discovered it was not as simple as it was pitched. The instructions are aimed for experienced knitters, the TV sales pitch did not mention this loom is for use with worsted yarn (and I am interested in using sock yarn - the booklet didn't say if you could use different weight yarn). What a shame!!! This sounded so good on TV.....