Diane Gilman DG2 Classic Stretch Denim Boot-Cut Jean

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Stretch Denim Jeans, Val174 OH
Wow!!!! These jeans are everything they were advertised on television to be. They are so comfortable. I feel that if my weight fluctuates, as it often does, I can still be comfortable in my stretch jeans. They are classy jeans like I wore in the past instead of elastic waist. I love, love, love these jeans. These are my first pair of DG2 jeans and they are great!!!!!
Great fit!, Gammah IL
Diane's jeans tend to fit differently even they are the same size. I wear a 4 petite and it's hard to get the same fit depending on color and the rise differs. It can be quite a challenge. But this pair is exactly the way I like them.
I love this jean; seems like I might even want to try a smaller size (I have a Petite 4, may try a Petite 2 next time, because the stretch is magnificent feature. Am trying the brushed skinny jean in a Petite 4 also, will see what size(s) work best. Thank you for a wonderful product(s), and thanks to Diane Gilman for paying attention to us older ladies!!! (I am 68 and smaller frame).
Perfect color, size and fit., Dee351 NJ
I was very happy with these jeans. I liked the style, color and the way these fit. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. The size 6 was true to size and the length was excellent for me. Very happy with these jeans.
DG2 Boot cut Jeans in stretch denim, Jeaniebeth CT
These jeans are great...they fit well, are comfortable and look good. Glad I bought them.
The only jeans I'll wear, Mary2009189 MD
I'm only 4'11'' and DG2 jeans in the petite size fits perfect for me. The only reason I order new, is that I wear them out. I have several pairs in all colors. If only Diane Gillman would make her tops in petite, I would have plenty of those as well.
Perfect fit!, GAMMA130 TX
I think I just found my jean! I'm a 2X woman, so almost impossible to find jeans that fit....much less, that are also comfortable! These jeans are perfect....will be buying more in different colors!
love Diane Gilman , trisha142 TN
I love Dianes jeans,lots of compliments anytime i wear any of her line.
DG2 Classic Stretch Denim Boot-Cut Jeans, StarryEyedGirl1 AL
Oh My Goodness !!!! I have Finally found the perfect pair of jeans for my size and short statue !I am completely in love with the DG2 Classic Stretch Denim Boot-Cut Jeans !!! I have searched high and low, price's from the crazy expensive to the Big Box stores cheapest searching for a comfortable, classic jean. This is a wonderful buy ! Not to forget that they are comfortable with just the right amount of stretch, true to size, stylish, and the petite size is just the right length with or without heels ! I have purchased 2 pairs and am sure to purchase more !!
Amazing!, Sidney28 NH
Love these jeans! This is my second pair and I have been very happy with them. They do fit true to size or size down which is a nice surprise. My best friend is now wanting some. Can't wait to buy more!! I am turning 44 this year and happy to feel great in a pair of jeans! Thank you Diane!
Daughter loves these!!, fran141 TX
My daughter is in love with the DG2 jeans and they look so wonderful on her and wash and wear beautifully!
Though I have changed sizes over the years, I probably have over 40 pairs of DG2 carious jeans, going back to when most of them were embellished. The fit, style and manufacture of DG2 is MORE THAN OUTSTANDING!! I wear only these except for one pair of dress slacks. Y recommend these for anyone.
Jeans that fit, razzyict KS
I loved this jeans and they fit beautifully and look good on. I have difficulty finding jeans that fit, but these do.
Best jeans ever, october28 CA
I love these jeans because they fit so well. I wish I had ordered them a long time ago. My waist has always been my problem with jeans-too tight but these are perfect.Diane is a fabulous designer!
Perfection!, Caromya MD
Love, love, love this jean. The fit is superior to those purchased at a major high-end department store that cost $200+. And, I did not have to pay alteration fees to get a proper fit. Thanks for a great jean. P. S. I own DG skinny jeans and love this product as well.
BRING BACK, lakenreich MI
Please bring these back--they were great. I need a 18 tall and these are the first jeans I've ever found that fit so well. Thanks
Great jeans, supergram31 MI
These jeans fit perfectly tru to size, love the color and so comfortable! I just ordered the same style in red!
Fantastic Fit, Kyschilling KY
My 1st Pair of DG2 Jeans and I LOVE them! Fit like a Glove, will be buying more!
Best Fit Anywhere, Valgal214 VA
Another of many purchases. Great fit and color.
great, dumbo2 NE
Great jeans fit great, and look great love'em
wtbtnt, wtbtnt PA
Love the way the fit. Look very nice on.
Sexy Jeans, waddy3 FL
Well done Diane!
Fantastic!!!!!, Anonymous OH
Just want to say that these jeans are wonderful !!! Perfect fit!!:)
dg2 jeans boot-cut, leenie2014 MO
I had never purchased any jeans from diane gilman, I was afraid to because I have about 30 pairs of jeans I look awful in.. So I finally worked up the courage to try them, and I love the fit and they are so comfortable. Since then I have ordered 2 more pairs.
Great Fit, MamaK43 TX
Love these still had to have them shortened but I have very short legs but other than that they fit great.