Andrew Lessman Circulation and Vein Support For Healthy Legs - 60 Capsules

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great, Lyndaca CA
use daily was having problems with my legs and started taking..seem to help..thanks..
I can sleep again!, tirefire1 MA
I was cautiously optimistic when I bought these. I have been having dreadful pain and tingling in lower legs and front of ankles, to the extent it was disturbing my sleep a lot. The vacscular doctor found no major problems with my leg/foot circulation but there is referred pain from knee and hip arthritis starting to set in. Happy to report that within 3-4 days of starting 2 caps daily I am having almost no pain and tingling at night! Can it be true there is finally something that ends this problem? LOVE it!!
No more leg cramps, sueb1 IL
I am a 56 yr old female and have suffered with awful leg cramps at night . Tried magnesium , extra fluids, etc. nothing worked consistently until these supplements. Unbelievable! I bought the largest bottle and did not reorder until the leg cramps returned within about one month from when I ran out. I am back on them and no more cramps. I will never stop taking them, I can now sleep all night without having to take hot baths at 3am for relief . It was torture ! GREAT PRODUCT ! Thank you , Susan
circulation and vein support, rlranks NY
I use the circulation and vein support everyday as I am a daily walker.I would not leave my home without it.Andrew's items seem to do what they are supposed to do.
Really works for heavy feeling in legs, Dee1956 VA
I have been using this product for several years. I used to get a very heavy feeling in my lower legs. It was painful as well.I decided to try these, I felt a difference in a weeks to ten days. I will never be without this supplement. I have run out a couple of times, within a week the heavy painful feeling is back. I highly recommend.
best ever!, Patricia195754 IN
I was having leg pain at night and my legs felt heavy and I just couldn't sleep with comfort until I tried these victims. They are the best ever! No more leg pain at night and the heavy feeling in legs are gone. I 're ordered the biggest bottle they have to offer cause no way do I want to run out of this miracle product. Thank you so much !!
Helpful, ladyvj OR
I was having bad back pain and I was taking otc drugs every four hours for the pain. I did some homework about msm and found out the this contains msm and how I am just taking two pill in morning for all day relief way better for my body than otc pain meds.
Miracle to me, Tinker11051964 TN
I have had numbness in my left foot for almost 2 yrs and been to physical therapy. I have tried meds from my doctor etc. I can say nothing helped till now and in 1 week of taking this medication I now have approx. 80-90 % of the feeling in my feet and toes. I had given up hope on ever having the feeling come back. I just want to thank Andrew sooo much I can not sing his praises enough for what this has done for me.Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!
Buffgirl54, sockes FL
I actually brought these for my husband, he had been having terrible leg cramps long before I met him & I thought these might help. They have been a great help. Since he started them he hasn't had a leg cramp. I will keep reordering. Thank you Andrew, another great product!!!!
No more pain, Teeth4U PA
About a week after I started taking this supplement the pain in my legs went away. I used to get pain in my legs down to my feet, no more! I noticed that if I don't take my supplement for a few days the pain does come back. I use other supplements from Andrew Lessen, always come back for more!
No more pain, Teeth4U PA
About a week after I started taking this supplement my legs stopped hurting. I used to have pain down my legs to my feet, not anymore. I have noticed if I forget to take this supplement it doesn't take long for the pain to return. I have other supplements of Andrew Lessens and have been happy with them all!
Take Every Day, smb17 FL
I love this product. I used these when I went on vacation overseas. My legs were not tired from all the walking. Also, I am on my feet for ten hours plus a day. I won't go without them.
Excellent Product, Yvonne8382 CA
I have Lupus and in the past experienced leg cramps that kept me up most of the night.Since I started using Circulation Vein Support I don't experience cramping during the night and am able to get a good night sleep.
A gift for my mother, JohnKirk OH
This is the second order for my 91 year young mother. Her doctor believes in this company.
Really works! , cathairetic VA
This the product I ever ordered from Andrew Lessman. I was sitting all day a t a new job and my ankles swelled. I looked up diosmin on the internet and was happy to see its benefits. I began using it and my ankles went down immediately. I have now used this product for years and would not be without it. Thank you, Andrew.
Relief , mysunnydays TX
These are so good. You can feel the difference. If I don't take them I feel pain and swelling on my shin. The doctor said it was circulation and the swelling was a vein, I started taking these pills and the pain and swelling went away and has not come back. My legs don't get the creepy crawlies at night, they are very relaxed. My husband now also takes them since he had the same problem with RLS. They do work.
leg & veing support/ rules as #1, Hobo9 TN
Best leg & veign product me & wife have ever used!!! Ans now refuse to try any others!!! This is it, hands down #1!!!! On a scale of 1-10 it rates an easy 15-20 peroid.
I ordered because of some signs on visual veins BUT my surprise was huge when I notice my legs and feet felt so good after my high intense workout! I don't feel pain after a few hours like before. I'll keep ordering!!
too soon to tell yet but...., linue IN
I am confident this product will work as well as the rest of the AL products I am using. Haven't been disappointed yet.
Legs Alive, bbartbob NJ
I tried this product because i was experiencing tired legs especially after a full day of work - at the age of 70 I needed something that would help me through the day and night - i believe that this product has eliminated the tired leg that i was feeling in the evening
Great!, joyoftheLord6534 OR
I have used this before and changed to a product I get in the community. I change up so products keep working. I remember now why I really liked this. It works. flat out!!!!!!!!!!
Legtastic, Cookyeb IL
In the words of Tony the Tiger "It's Great". Very pleased with purchase. I have been bothered with swelling in my legs, ankles and feet most of my life. Saw this product on air and decided "What the heck", So verrrrrry glad that I ordered.I have noticed mark results in this my third week of use. Coming back for more, I never want to be without.
Been using this for 2 years, DebbieP860 TX
and I can tell the difference in my starts working the very first day; your legs will love you for taking this!
Terrific Support, Daz2012 IN
AndrewI had been taking the Circulation-Vein support for some time and I was busy with family matters and ran out. I realized within a four day time span that my legs were bothering me again. I ordered another bottle and can happily say I'm already feeling better - this is a great product! Thanks for all you do!
Thank God , mdugle OH
This is a wonderful product. I have found that when I am off of it for just a few days, there is a difference in how my legs feel. On this product my legs do not ache. Without this product , they do become painful again.No Matter The Cost, this has worked better than any other product or means of helping my veinsMr Lessman, please continue to help us .... to help ourselves, in feeling the best we can... for what ever age we are..Mary D.Oxford, Ohio