Andrew Lessman Circulation and Vein Support For Healthy Legs - 60 Capsules

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I will never be without these capsules!, bengah CA
I have circulation problems due to medication that I take. After taking these capsules, I no longer have problem..Also recommended to my neighbor, who is in her seventies, and has had problem for a long time. She took 2 pills and swears she will never be without them. Thank you, thank you Andrew!
I did not think that I would ever have relief from the pain in my legs. I truly was very skeptical in regards to these supplements. I take medication that makes my legs feel extra heavy and I am also overweight and the pain in my legs especially behind the knee area was so bad that I could hardly walk up a flight of steps. However after only 2 days and 4 pills the pain in my legs was nearly gone. After a week the pain was totally gone. Thank you so much Andrew you are the best. DON'T EVER STOP MAKING THESE.....
I have used this product on and off for years and I can sure tell the difference when I haven't used it a while. It really helps my legs feel better. This time I bought the bigger bottle so I will not be without.
very grateful !, mcguiredane AZ
After two knee replacements a year ago, I was left with great knees , but terrible pain in my lower legs. Nothing helped, and i was faced with the face that i would be in pain the rest of my life. Then i saw this product , and decided to try it, as a last resort. After one day , I can honestly say it worked! The swelling in my legs went down, the burning pain went away and i could walk my dogs without every step being in pain. I was shocked! So i began taking this , and every day i saw a little improvement over the day before. I can now walk 2 miles a day and I am so happy I tried it. It saved my life physically and mentally!
Finally Something That Works, Janny75 AZ
Early results are good. I have seen a difference in just a week. I have a diabetes and I have been able to sleep without my legs burning. I am getting a good nights sleep for the first time in quite a while.Thank you Andrew
Can't do without this product!, Babsie01 SC
Have been in retail for 24 years, including many years in management. Have been on my feet on cement floors for sometimes 16 hours at a time. Used to wake up during the night with unbelievably painful and prolonged leg cramps. Then I discovered Circulation and Vein Support. I have probably been using this product for at least twelve years. Tried doing without it once, and the repetitive cramping returned almost immediately. I will never allow myself to run out of this product again. Circulation and Vein Support and Urgent Energy are the two products that have helped me to run rings around people that I supervised who were young enough to be my children. Thank you Andrew for these wonderful products.
Big Help with Leg Cramps, Mari333 IL
This product has been very helpful with my occasional leg cramps - wouldn't be without it!
A Good Value, SebastianFlorida FL
I will purchase these again. It's nice to have a pill that slides down easily as these capsules do.
This Works!, Carolynintexas TX
I placed one capsule each day in my Mom's pill minder box. She did not know she was taking Circulation-Vein Support. She took them for 2 months and then ran out. Within 2 days she mentioned her vein leg was really hurting. That's proof it works. I reordered the big bottle!
it works get it
Works, CalKidd CA
Keep it in my arsenal at all times, it just works really well and I notice the difference when I run out.
The best!!!!, madeline4 NY
Can't say enough about how great...and how effective this product is. Have suffered from varicose veins and the feeling of "heavy leg" syndrome since I gave birth-almost 50 years ago. The discomfort all disappeared since I started taking it about ten years ago. Can't imagine a day without the capsules. Thanks for this amazing product, Andrew!
Happy feet, smoocho NY
To my surprise after about 3 weeks the pain I would feel in my feet has gone and my legs look better. Thank you Andrew
Best ever, cdenisehenry AK
I've purchased this product twice for my sister who works in a nursing home. She loves this product and can really tell the difference in her legs if she's been without it. Great product! Would recommend to everyone.
works great, dees TX
I have a few foot and leg issues. And these capsules have helped me a lot. I always have them with me now.
Works for me, Raven157 OR
I use so many of Andrew's products but this is a favorite. I have had trouble with swollen feet and ankles for years following a surgery on my legs.Started using this product on a regular basis and am pleased to say the swelling is much less and I am more comfortable after a long day on my feet. Thanks Andrew!
Works as Advertised, phillips MA
Works as advertised. I have reordered it several times and I will continue to reorder.
Excellent Product!!, DebbyWG CA
I was having major swelling and pain in my legs and feet, for more than 3 months, that medication was not helping. I decided to try Andrew's Circulation-Vein Support and my problem was resolved. I am no longer on medication and I will continue to take this product to make sure I never have that problem again. Thank you Andrew for this wonderful miraculous product!
Never stop using!, Makanda TX
I used this product then stopped for about a year. Mistake. I had forgotten how good it is for swelling in my left ankle. I bought my mother some and told another friend about it. They both ordered large quantities before their first bottle ran out. Go Andrew!
Works great, MaryV NY
I bought this for my mother because she was having so much pain in her feet that she could not sleep. She went to the doctor and he told her to wear wider shoes and soak her feet in epson salt. She did, but to no avail. I called one morning and she was crying. I saw Andrew Lessmen's circutaltion and vien support vitamins, I figured why not. If it didn't work I could send it back or not order it again.My mother called raving that for the first time in months she had no pain. She continues to have no pain, one month later. She calls it a miracle. Her friend wants me to order for her. Did I mention my mother is 89 and her friend is 93. They are both in perfect health. I am not making medical claims I just wanted to share her story.
Wonderful - miracle, mizbb CA
I have severe idiopathic edema & no one has been able to determine what the cause is. The edema becomes so pronounced that I cannot bend any of my joints ( elbows, wrists, knee, ankles, etc.) making me a prisoner in my home. I thought I would give these a try as the high powered diuretics I had been given were starting to take a toll on my kidneys. The pills are a miracle. I only have to take 1/2 the amount of diuretics I have in the past. Many days I have no swelling whatsoever. My doctor has encouraged me to continue taking them, & I will. I certainly urge anyone in my condition to at least give them a try. I saw amazing result in just 10 days.
God sent for neuropathy in your legs, GERRY372 MD
This is the second container. I am a diabetic with neuropathy in my legs and feet, they hurt so bad mostly at night and when I walk. The circulation vein support reduces the swelling, stops the throbbing pain and makes it easier for me to walk and do daily chores. I also take other vitamins, but this Circulation Vein Support is worth every penny you invest in this vitamin. Make sure you have enough on hand, because if you run out you will get the pain and discomfort back fast. This is much better than medications because this has no side effects and works like a miracle.
Great product, Lita454 NM
I discovered these years ago and have been taking them daily ever since.My lower legs used to feel heavy and hurt all the time.Since I started taking these the pain & heavy feeling are gone. Love this product!
After 3 days of taking this pills I immediately noticed a release of pressure on my ankles and feet. OMG!!! THIS CAPSULES ARE AMAZING!!!!I feel my legs so much better. I recommend this product to EVERY ONE around the World. Great Job!!!!
It works, tina900 TN
Amazing product for the prize. Thanks Andrew my restless leg pain usually at night gone just 2 weeks since Taking it. Mwaaaa love it!!!.