Elite 13-Function 8qt Electronic Pressure Cooker

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I already bought one of these Elite Pressure Cookers and I use it at least 5 times a week. I purchased a 2nd one to make my life easier when Thanksgiving & Christmas come around. My food comes out so great and everything takes so much less time to cook.
Great machine, Barb737373 MO
This is an outstanding Electronic Pressure Cooker. The only thing that I don't like about it is extremely HEAVY. But it works great. Would recommend it in a heart beat.
Perfect, frenchy371 FL
Just a beautiful cooker, just cooked ribs in it the other night. Came out nice and tender.
Healthy Cooking, DPDL IL
Was looking for something to help us eat healthy and this is exactly what we were looking for! Had to purchase another one for our son to help them cook and eat better too! So easy to use and the results of the food are amazing. Can't wait to use my Elite Pressure Cooker in the winter when all we want is a delicious bowl of soup!
A MUST-HAVE for every kitchen!!!!!, Cyngnaz AZ
My husband first suggested We buy the Elite 8qt pressure cooker. After watching the HSN show on it, we did. Oh My Goodness...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this machine!!!!! I have used it almost everyday since I received it (just two short days after ordering it)! It is SO easy and the first day I made lentils (which took 12 mins. from raw beans) and pulled pork (took 26 mins) so fast that dinner was actually ready too early! It is remarkable how fast things cook and how very easy it all is. This is a GREAT price and a Quality product. I HIGHLY recommend it! You will wish you has purchased sooner!!!!
I Love my pressure cooker. I have made 3 meals in it in less than a week and all were spectacular. My favorite was the lasagna. YUMOI highly recommend this model as it is easy to use and clean and great to look at.
Loves it, Iambk MS
Love it! Definitely worth the price.
love it, Maria_pixiy CA
I got this in less than five days. That same day I got it I made corn and beef ribs and was quick and easy to use. Than made rice and soup. Everything comes out so good. It's just a bit Heavy.
Wow, pinat OH
I've always wanted an Elite Pressure Cooker & I finally got one at a birthday price & flex plus free s/h.I love the white, and such a really nice white color. I am going to use this pressure cooker as much as possible, me & my husband are so busy and the time to cook a meal is much quicker, healthier and the taste will be I hope much better too. I plan to share my cooker with family members. My mother never used pressure cooker, not sure how many Italian women do back in the day. I gave this a five star cause I know with watching on HSN & the ease of using the Elite I will be so stress free and smiling alot, and most of all saving money at the market. Thanks so much HSN for a great buy. IF you don't have a pressure cooker, Get one it will help so much in life.
smart pressure cooker, coopiekay CA
my first meal was a hit!!!! Pot roast with vegetables, fast easy and yummy! Would love to find an Elite pressure cookbook as the recipes included are quite limited and the ease of following a cookbook especially designed for this 13 function pressure cooker would be the cats meow!!!!!
Gift for my daughter , brendabarragan CA
I have one and I bought one for my daughter She loves it as much as I do So easy to use
New Pressure Cooker Lover, GreatUncleG MD
Gave this as gift t my father and he just loves it. The food cooks quickly and is so tender and flavorful.
Love it, cheryld213 NV
It's my second pressure cooker from elite first one broke in 6 months. So far. This ones great
Awsome product, usmc87 AZ
I love the pressure cooker the food comes out juicy and tender. There are so many recipes on line,my wife loves it so much that we ordered another one for my mother and I also ordered the stainless steel insert for this particular pressure cooker so if I want to make rice or two different dishes I can have the second one preped and ready to go
Perfect!, Donna242 VA
This is one of the BEST HSN purchases that I have made.
The Best Cooker i ever used..., DrMow FL
I have been wanting to try one of these units for a long time. i did and am very happy to say that it was the best buy i have gotten. i use the Elite almost every other day from cooking pot roasts to beards. It does do what you showed live on tv and Alot more. am VERY Happy Thank you. Dell
Bought for my niece's bridal shower, boyntonsmd NH
Great gift....I have one and like it, great for working people to have a fast hot meal in 30 minutes.
Elite pressure cooker , Jpony2 CA
This pressure cooker is great meals cook so fast ,has made my life so much easier
Great Pressure Cooker, mehrman OK
Cooked two dishes with this pressure cooker. Beef ribs and then a pork roast. Ribs literally fell off the bones so lesson is, do not grab via the bone or that may be all you are holding. Grab from the middle of the meaty portion of the rib. Perfectly cooked in 30 minutes after a 10 minute browning. Same was true with the pork roast. Browned via the pre-heat and cooked in 30 minutes. Would have easily passed Chef Ramseys' port test. Love this product. My oldest wants one for Christmas. I personally recommend it.
Love it!, Arkie12 AR
I ordered this in black and love it! Very easy to set and basically forget it. Anxious to try many recipes.
Love love love, cozy4god FL
I was skeptical when I first purchased this pressure cooker and scared to death.....i have made 4 different things in it so far and everything I made was a bit hit.....its easy and quick......just need some more recipes.....but love it and if anyone is hesitating cause they are not sure if they should purchase this product.....Do it....i will purchase the stainless steel pot in the near future.....then i will have two pots......especially when i want to make rice with my meal.....Thanks HSN for carrying this great product.....
Elite 13-Function 8qt Electronic Pressure Cooker, billiondollars IL
This is the best pressure cooker I have ever used. I also love that the writing has not smugged or come off yet. The food comes out very delicious. Yum, delicioso. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Must have!, sweetwater123 OK
This throws all of my excuses out the window to "HAVE" to go out to eat! When I forget to thaw my meat the day before it doesn't matter because this miracle worker gets my completely frozen meat done in 30 to 40 minutes. I am now eating better and saving money. Also, I have never been good at judging when meat was done, so this has taken the guess work out of it. Love this product!!!
Can't beat Elite, Bot-Iam-not CA
Product arrived on time and in good condition. Much bigger than we thought it would be, but that's okay. After unpacking and cleaning we did a brief review of the manual/recipe book. It's an easy read with simple instructions. We made beans to give it a test run and better familiarize ourselves with this cooker. It did take two bean cycles to get them cooked but the machine works fine. One thing we noticed that is not mentioned much in videos for this product is the wait time for natural depressurization. While not a big deal, for us first time rookies using a pressure cooker it dose add more time to the overall cooking time. All in all we like the simplicity and versatility of this cooker. While I'm not as of yet willing to give up my beloved crock pot and rice cooker, I can see the versatility of this machine will make a strong case for for it's place on my ever shrinking counter space.
Pressure Cooker, psbrady1 MD
I love it, love it, love it!!! This is so great. Makes meats tender and so fast.