Elite 13-Function 8qt Electronic Pressure Cooker

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Great, Primitivecrazy TX
This is a great cooker. I've used it several times. It cooks quick and the food tastes so much better. I love it!!
so fast and easy, mark130 IL
I ordered the 8 function one but received it damaged in shipment. I shipped it back with return receipt in box. So easy. Upon contacting HSN I was given an up grade 13 function pressure cooker at a discount price. HSN was so easy and kind to deal with. I have used my new pressure cooker several times and love it. So fast and easy to use. Thanks HSN love u r customer service. U have me for a permanent customer.
WOW, ConnieSW OK
Frozen spiral ham...40 minutes....WOW...really thought this would be something that might get sent back, but the info was good enough to try. I love this, and with 4 grandbabies and 1 more on the way, fast and fresh is great. Thanks for making G's (grannie) life a lot easier in the cooking department.
Very Good Pressure Cooker, HOPEFULL347 NE
I have owned this pressure cooker for 4 months and have used it many times. It is easy to use and works very well. I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend it to others.
AWESOME!!!, Clenda2 OK
I absolutely love this pressure cooker! It has been one of my best purchases ever. I have cooked in it several times. Easy clean up too! I would recommend it to everyone!
best in class, lttlbgmn NV
I have previously had electric pressure cookers from 2 other brands. Both units had major issues and major defects (including a nearly disastrous failure) and I had been ultimately sorry I had purchased them. I had no such regrets with this purchase. It is as easy to use and as versatile as advertised. This appliance has totally replaced a slow cooker and rice cooker I used to use regularly. I cannot imagine cooking rice or beans or pot roast or stews using anything else!
So Very Happy, dotm62 MS
I received my Elite pressure cooker and i cannot cook without it. It helps me prepare my dinner in so much less time. I would recommend this to everyone. I promise you want be disappointed and you will be so happy you purchase it.
Best gift I ever gave my daughter in law, lindabl48048 MI
my daughter in law has 3 kids, a job, and my son to deal with... this saved her time and money and she is so very happy with it. Made me go to the top of her list. It doesn't get any better than that.
Great for busy individuals , Edanzmom CA
If you hate cooking because you feel you don't know how to cook or are a workaholic and never have nor make the time to cook OR you work and have a lot to do for the family after work this is the machine for you. I wish I would've had one of these a long time ago. But I didn't but I'm enjoying cooking am prepping meals now.
pressure cooker, gal72 IL
love this pressure cooker, I had a smaller on that was a different brand and used it a few times a week, I finally wore it and the lid broke. This one is not only bigger but appears better made, there is nothing like being able to have a nice dinner of roast beef, potatoes and veggies on the table in 20 mins, perfect for on the go families.
More Beautiful In Person, Anonymous CA
Absolutely the best purchase ever!! Praise God I am going to get sooooo much use out of this!!
Life Saver, bethil OH
Love, Love , love, Makes meals so fast and easy to use.
Love it!, dwhitesell57 VA
I was not sure I was really going to like this, but I changed my mind very quickly. My homemade meatballs turned out great. The taste was sooo good. All the seasoning and wine infused into the meat and they never tasted better. I am hooked!!
pressure cooker, chipper37 CT
Very nice item only thing I would want to make it better is more recipes or s pressure cooker cook book
Awesome, MomAndTheGang MO
I used to be scared to death to use a pressure cooker, but this is not scary at all! All I have to do is put my ingredients in, push the button and relax! Seriously, I received mine a little over a week ago and have used it almost everyday since. I love the fact that it has a removeable non-stick bowl for super-easy cleanup!! This truly is the best investment I have ever made. Thanks HSN for making this available!
yes, jms83631 CA
hAve used it so many times it works great in fact I use it more than my oven to my stove lovin it I would definitely recommend and would buy again
Love it!, scott79 CA
I got this pressure cooker in December and I can't believe how often I have used it. It cooks so quickly and infuses meat with fabulous flavors. It also cleans up really quickly and doesn't have any tough little areas to keep clean. The insert is also non stick and just wipes right up. Great product and a great price!
The Best, Janice914 SC
Gave this to my son-in-law for Christmas and he loves it. Every week he tries something new to cook in his pressure cooker. My brother also had this cooker and he makes the best ribs in it. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys cooking and even to those who like me do not enjoy cooking. It makes cooking soooo easy and the food tastes soooo good.
Not your Grand Mother's pressure cooker , leblow PA
I love it very easy to use, this is not your Grand mother's pressure cooker, the lid will not hit the ceiling. I love pickle heart, and I made 6 beef hearts at once, to cool, even just making mashed potatoes for about 15 people, was very quick and easy, Guys your wife or your other half will be happy.
pressure cooker , margie36 WV
I love the pressure cooker it fast easy to use the food is so good tasting meats tender.. i love it time it saves when cooking a meal.if you havent got it get it and you will love it too
Excellent, XJ41 NJ
I am glad that I purchased this product. The meats falls apart. I am very happy customer.
Pressure Cooker, Matt59 IL
This is only used for foods. U can cook all different types of food. It steams it and doesn't take long. I like the digital set up all u have to do is click on the button and does everything else for you.
It's the cats meow, TonyBologna64 CA
All my friends and family love this Pressure Cooker for it's ease in cooking and speed in the kitchen which my daughters really love.
Fantastic, Pocora PA
This Pressure Cooker is fantastic. I am looking forward to cooking many more dishes in it especially the canning features. Now I surf the web for pressure cooking dishes. I wish I had the book on it.