S2O S2O Multipurpose Stain Remover Concentrate Duo

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Works!, snead FL
This product really works for me for how use it. Takes the stain out clothes
Salvation in a bottle. Best stain remover ever ma, PATLEAHY CA
This product is the only stain remover that truly works. It has saved so many pieces of clothes I always want to keep it handy! Best ever!!!
I have used all types of products on my carpets including Resolve which I felt was the best but this product beats all hands down.I have 2 cats & as any other cat owner knows, they constantly toss up hairballs plus other nasties. It's always the usual routine to get down on hands & knees with a damp towel, a bottle of spray Resolve & scrub away. Many of the stains just don't come out all the way. WELL THEY DO WITH THIS! Just pour a couple of streams on the area, wipe down & voila, it's all gone. And I mean gone. Too easy so I proceeded to take out the old stains & this stuff also made them history. Wow, I'm a believer!!!
S20 Multipurpose Stain Remover, Security998 MO
I gave this product a five stars because when it first came out and purchased it, I was very impressed with how it really remove stains and it does not leave the fabric with a spot where you removed the stain. When I ran out, I immediately went to HSN on line to reorder. Keep this product coming and the price reasonable (buy two for the price of one) love this product and price.
AMAZING, oldhippy5 IL
This product is totally amazing. I have yet to find a stain that cannot be TOTALLY removed when I use S2O. Great product.....
love this product, oldlady45 MO
I was hoping this would work on some stains. I was so happy to find it ws worked on every stain I have used it on. Just ordered another two bottles. Even carry the personal sizes for the stains I have away from home.
Awesome, homecook2 ME
I am a stain fanatic and was so frustrated with supermarket solutions. To many have a high price and don't deliver. I saw this product years ago on HSN and decided to give it a try. I have been using it ever since. I have saved so many pieces of clothing by using this cleaner. I am on a budget and need to spend wisely and this cleaner is a wise choice.
It works, 007dk NY
It works on old stains in full concentration!!! Better than any stain remover I ever used . Thank you.
Awesome!!!, nik41784 MO
This stuff has removed almost every stain I have tried it on. Removed carpet stains that we had tried other products and even rented a professional grade carpet cleaner on. Also works awesome on oil stains. I had some shirts ruined from cooking grease splatter or perfume oils but no more! Doesn't seem to work well on rust stains but I'm still very impressed!
Very impressive!, itshotinarizona AZ
My great-grandson had gotten in my art studio and into my artist paints. He managed to paint areas of carpeting before he was discovered. Nothing we had used would remove the paint and smearing left from trying to get it clean. I had low expectations for the S2O Multipurpose Stain Remover, boy was I ever wrong! I put this on full strength, let it sit a few seconds and using a fiber cloth wiped the paint that had been sitting for three months right out of the carpet! We used it on the patio to remove paint and oil stains from the concrete. The kitchen floor grout was returned to its original white. I am VERY impressed and highly recommend others give S2O Multipurpose Stain Remover a try!
Repeat customer, chewychewy TX
3rd time to reorder. This product cleans my car without any residue. Follow instructions and this can be used to clean your headline of your auto with no residual marks left behind. It keeps the interior of my car looking like new. Use it also on the seats, carpeting, and all plastic surfaces, especially where your hand contacts the surface area, this product removes the grime. Sometimes stubborn old stains required repeated use, but this product will get the stain out.
Terrific Cleaner, foxiee22 NJ
Does a great job cleaning what other items can't.
great all purpose cleaner, smsmsm CA
I use this for just about anything because it doesn't smell and has natural ingredients. Have never had a bad affects after using. Just cleaned my stainless cooktop with this, Earth Brite and Debbie Meyer green sponge! 3 of my fav products! Thanks HSN
S20 Multipurpose Stain Remover, Shasta1791 CA
This is the best cleaning product I have ever purchased! I dilute it with water and use it in the kitchen to clean counters, appliances, walls, floors, everything! I also use it to remove all kinds of stains on clothing, carpet etc. It works wonders!!!
The quicker "getter-outer"..., dalanchased CA
The product just WORKS! I put it in with the wash-(some older polo shirts, with greasy spots which had been washed a number of times, and they came out, perfectly! Also, I used it on a just-purchased Honda Accord front drivers' seat cushion to remove what appeared to be ball-point pen marks on the seat, and, VOILA, the seat looks as good as new! 5 stars!
Love it, retailtherapyNC NH
Love it. This will take off any kind of stain you could possibly imagine with very little elbow grease and I have tried it on just about every surface
Good Stuff, SwoozieQue WA
This stain remover is fantastic! It even got out old stains that had been washed and dried so were well set. Good Stuff!
WOW, blondiey PA
I used this full strenght on a red finger nail polish and i couldn;t believe that it lifted up the polish, I reappllied after washed and it is gone.
Love~!, CindyLOUWHO26 FL
I love S20.... this is my second order. It really cleans well. It is very concentrated and just a very little goes a long way with stains on the carpet or furniture... One bottle last a LONG time.!
Great Product!, Sanderella15 MI
I'm extremely impressed, This is the first productthat does what it was demonstrated to do. The most difficult stains have been removed like magic. Now I'm going to try it on nail polish. Bet itwill work!
stains, seesal NY
I love this product. It gets out OLD grease stains!!
GreatStuff, OldJackie NY
Two days after I received my S2O order, my 3 year old grandson accidentally knocked over a container of purple paint. By the time I noticed it he had stepped in it and tracked it all through the house. It was all over my carpets and up the legs of his brand new pants. I thought my carpets and the pants were ruined. Then I remembered the S2O Multipurpose Stain Remover and gave it a try. I used it full strength and with the help of a small brush and some rags, all the paint came out. I was amazed. I would highly recommend this product.
Worked on my WOOL scarf, Kinghazzah OH
Somehow I got a small stain on my pure wool scarf which is dry clean only. I remembered I had this in my 1/2 downstairs bathroom vanity over the sink so I thought I'd try it. No problem at all, stain quickly and effortlessly removed. THANKS ECOS!
Great on carpets, Catgil AL
I used this full strength on old carpet stains that othe cleaners would not remove. It worked great. I have other stains to try with it and I'll see how it works on those
great stainj remover, teddismom CA
Takes all stains out. Bottles are really smaller than last order.