Wolfgang Puck 900-Watt 2-piece Pie and Pastry Maker

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Love, LeeHall WV
Great for indivual servings. Just the right size for corn muffins.
Good, Char213 GA
fantastic, HSNAddict14 PA
The most used small appliance in our kitchen. Bought one for me, and one for a friend. The pie maker is both fun and easy to use. You can have both dinner and dessert in minutes. We love it!
wonderful, 1janice AL
easy to use
makes great pot pies, 494batbata FL
have only made pot pies but they were good. Now have the ingredients for cherry pie.... can't wait!
Awsome, Saylalou SC
Great Product !!!
Great product, dvg TX
I ordered this to make smaller portion meals since it's just me and my husband. It does heat up quickly and cook the food.The only problem that I am having is getting my pot pies out.I did try it with the foil as Chef Puck does, but it didn't cook the pie crust.
Love, levossii MO
My daughter loves this pie maker and I do too.
Great Item....Works Great!!!!, smeisner TN
I love this works like a charm everytime. Just add the stuff and turn it on...Nice!!!
Product Review, blueeyes251 RI
I used this product the very first day I got it and have actually used everyday since. Love it and would recommend it to anyone.
Great Little Pie Maker, chancesgirl AZ
I took the advice of the other reviews and cooked for 10 mins and then turned machine over and cooked for 3 minutes more. Both sides were browned nicely. It would be nice if the top was more flat then rounded. Filling does not touch the top of the crust and you end up with a gap even adding more filling. Love WP appliances.
handy and fun, KayNYC FL
Used this at my sister's while I awaited delivery of my Pie Maker. Apple pies, chicken pot pies, breakfast sandwich, using my own recipes, all came out great. Happy with my purchase. I use a wooden spatula to remove the pies and a wood skewer to help lift and loosen them when they are still hot. They are hot and can burn your fingers.
This was a gift but I own one..., LucindaGrace1 VA
...and LOVE it! However, my girlfriend is sending it back because she doesn't want to be bothered with cooking!!! Everything you make is so easy and takes little time. You can make so many different pies such as quiches, fruit pies, pot pies, etc. And they turn out wonderful!!! I use mine often. This is a good buy as are all of Wolfgang Puck's products. Love them all!!!
Great pot pie maker, FunFunFun CO
I purchased one of these when they first came out. I had my son and his wife over several times for pot pie dinner. They liked it so much they asked for one for Christmas this year! After the first of the year we are going to get together for a pie making party, and freeze all the different pies we make for quick and easy dinners! Love!
absolutely wonderful, allbabies DE
easy to clean, easy to use.
Love this!, RITTZY CA
I have used this so many times and each time it has been great. I can make pies for my grandchildren in less than 30 minutes and they love having their own pie.I have made pot pies, fruit pies, etc...each time great! I gave one to my daughter as a gift and she loves it.This pie maker has paid for itself many times over!Highly recommend.
pie maker, 3636kathy TN
love this pie maker fast and easy. everyone can make what they love. great for quick meal from leftovers
good pies, mswear13 CA
Love this make all kinds of pies with left overs and muffins too love love it
Quick Kid snacks, TommieT OK
I love this pie maker, the kids are able to use it also and love creating new stuff with it.They love to make different snacks not just pies with it and this helps out on days when they want a pie but I just do not feel like heating the kitchen up with the oven.
Easy as Pie !, shoppeeHSNKweeny NH
Every time Wolfgang Puck is on I watch, he is enjoyable to watch and the staff seem to have a good time with him and his Sous Chef . I enjoy the machine and the ease of care and use. Hope to see more if him, Thank you, GG
Works great, dmac1098 WA
This thing works exactly as advertised. I highly recommend it.
We LOVE this, wildheart888 CA
It's so great to have a warm muffin or cake without having to make a whole recipe (to gain weight on). Also saves energy because you don't have to heat up the oven. First thing I made was chocolate bread pudding. Came out like a muffin but was great
love love love, foodloverjojo FL
These are great! Made great Christmas gifts.
Terrific buy!!!, Stuntgirl TN
I love this so much that I bought one for my parents. It's perfect and fast for them. Question: can you only make one pie at a time and leave other pie empty?? Thank u
pie maker, jenb5252 MD
Makes great pot pies and pies. Santa Gave us pues and My 8 yr old and I love it. Every house must have it.