Restorative Wood Polish 2-pack

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Ultimate BEST, caboose1 OH
This cleaner makes everything shine, even antique furniture. It is so easy to use and does a great job. I will not be buying over the counter spray "wax cleaner" again. This product is truly "GOLD".
Great product, catlover1105 CO
I love, love, love this product. I have three-panel wood doors that are over thirty years old. Years of build up of other wood polishers, dust, dirt, and even hair spray gone. The wood was looking dull and the finish looked almost as if it were peeling. One application of this and it was gone. I was skeptical and decided to do one door. If the door finish looked the same after a few weeks I was going to send this back. But, this didn't happen. I have tried everything from the meat of a walnut to Olde English lemon oil and nothing has worked as good as this has. I would highly recommend this. I live in Colorado and it is so dry here. The doors look new again. HSN, please continue to keep this product in your inventory.
priceless, supersuuner MD
this stuff is great, it cuts thru all old wax build up & leaves no residue behind to attract dust
crazy good, kittykat440 WI
JUST love this,it really does make it so you dust way less ( since i didn't believe that)The finish on all my wood looks great.I will never let this product run out at my house
love love, metro20906 MD
Been using this for years. Best polish ever.
Great polish for all wood, Cindy_Lee CA
I have an old shelf for my teapots that is made of plain plyboard, probably, and stained, but when I dusted it with this it actually polished it. That was amazing. It makes all my wood look nice. Thanks for this product.
Mamabear18 , mamabear1985 TX
It really works!
Amazing on Wood, justjayne KS
Following instructions included with product and those given by demonstrator, Regency Gold was very easy to use on antique wood. Corrected light spots on finish that nothing else had helped. Gave instant richness. Pleasant scent. I'd hoped that it would improve the look of formica countertops, since that was indicated in the product description, but it had little effect and left a kind of slippery feel. But, it is so great for the wood, it still rates 5 stars!
Absolutely Incredible Polish, Mical IA
My house cleaner and I have never seen anything like this polish. It is nothing short of amazing how it brings woodwork and other surfaces like Formica counters and painted wood back to life. I will not ever use any other polish again, it makes that other widely advertised Amish polish look very poorly in comparison.
Miracle polish, Charlie46 OR
I have used this product for several years. Instant shine and beauty. Glad you had this product.
Regency Gold at its best!, mother123 CA
This is an amazing product! A little goes a long way, I recommended this product to family and friends. Never want to be without this product, thank you HSN for introducing Regency Gold.
Does wonders for antique and older furniture, feather8 SC
Really good product! My wood furniture really glows with a deep, rich and nourished look. Very satisfied!
Great product, kaiblue FL
Wanted to see if it would take white rings off my china cabinet, worked perfectly the first time.
I am usually not one to believe everything... I was very skeptical before purchasing this item soooo happy I did it works AMAZING!!! You will not be disappointed!!! This would now be the ONLY cleaner i use on my furniture love it!!
OMG. Should of took a picture. , timmie PA
The stuff works. I wouldn't of believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. I had an oak cupboard door that had the finish stripped off from a salt water tank that leaked. It brought it back to life.
What doesn't this work on?, janiceinstockton CA
I work from home and it's always been a chore to clean my desk. This cleaned coffee stains I haven't been able to get rid of for a while. So then I decided to clean my keyboard and lamp and printer. Shocking! My next venture is my master bedroom cabinets. I figured the moisture alone has dulled them. Then the entertainment center of oak. I mean if my printer, oak filing cabinet and desk are gleaming after four days, I'm excited to use on everything in the house!Glad I finally took a chance with this product.
Excellent Product, stormchaser KS
Works great and looks great on my 65 year old wood floors.
Fantastic Product, tuckersmom59 IN
I purchased this for the veterinary clinic that I manage. I have severe asthma and certain smells trigger attacks for me, so I try to get cleaning supplies that have minimal to no odor. The problem is, most wood cleaners are "very fragrant", and/or don't clean the wood without stripping it or drying it out.Regency Gold is fantastic. The smell is very light, and it cleans and conditions the wood beautifully.The staff has been cleaning up a storm just to see the dirt and film come off that was left behind by other cleaners. So, I'm purchasing 4 more bottles to keep on hand.I'm impressed with Regency Gold!
Great product!, SPENDERELLA OH
I used this on the furniture in my living room, which seems to get the most dust in my house. I was surprised at how much dirt came off my furniture- yuk! The best news of all- my furniture is not collecting dust as fast as it used to. I didn't have to dust for 2 weeks, and I typically dusted a couple of times a week.
It Works Beautifully, hollywood55125 MN
I bought this primarily to remove a water stain that wouldn't come out with anything else and it worked! Also used it on other furniture and I am very pleased with the results.
Unbelievable, MyJo MA
I have not het used my bottle, but the bottle I gave my friend she found more than suitable for antique doll shelves that have been left in the attic for years. They "sucked up" the polish, and look like new. Price tags were still on them, $300 each, and so she is pleased to have them restored to "new" condition. Thank you! I watched the video when they were marketed, and it seems to be true.
great, Rita1000 MO
My husband just used this product the other day. He is so use to useing the spray on liquid gold. This far surpasses that product. Eaiser and less messy to use he said. Took that cooking oil build up right off close to the stove. Great products, cleans like it say's it will.
Was skeptical, now impressed!, tobeee SD
I had complained for years about how I could dust in early morning and then need to dust again by early evening. I am hyper-sensitive to dust, so I was continually frustrated.The sole reason I wanted to try Regency Gold was based on the claims that it repels dust, and that the need to dust would decrease.I went "crazy" everywhere in our home using Regency Gold on furniture and nearly every surface between the floor and ceiling.I am extremely pleased with the results...minimal dust... a week later!I have since disposed of the other "polishes" we'd been using.Great product!
First time user, embeck7 CA
Decided to give this product a try, as I have numerous antique furniture pieces. It applies easily, has no bad smell, and does a nice job refreshing these pieces. They have a nice luster after only one application. The unexpected bonus for me, was finding that it also works on my powder coated metal patio furniture chairs, that are in excellent condition, but tend to spot from repeated water marks. I took a chance and applied some to an inconspicuous place on the chair, and it cleaned right up. I will finish doing all the chairs this weekend.
Best I Have Used, kygold KY
This restorative polish is wonderful on antique furniture. It gives it a shine and smells wonderful.