Andrew Lessman Vitamin C-500 Complex - 60 Capsules

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Great for colds!, Margo111 CA
I doubled up on this vitamin when I came down with a bad cold, and it really helped me. The cold didn't last nearly as long as usual, and I had more energy even with a terrible cold. Try them, you have nothing to lose but fatigue. I am 75, wheelchair bound, and I can use all the help I can get, and these vitamins really do help.
Best, Jeepspace MI
i am on the second bottle of vitamin C complex. i used to have chronic sinus problems and getcolds easily. Since taking these i do not haveany problems with either. when i feel likei am coming down with something i justtake a few more. i have used the over the counter ones and i believe they did not absorb in my system likethese . Thanks so much Andrew for making qualitythat is worth taking.
Vitamin C, otters2 FL
A must have during the winter months.
Best You Can Buy, Lu6443 FL
I have just started taking Andrews Vit C's .I've been taking Andrews Healthy Hair Nails Skin for quite a few years and I also have my Daughter taking them after she started losing alot of her hair She is very happy with the results of her hair growing back This year I decided to purchase all the Vitamins I was buying at other stores because I finally relized I was spending more and getting less quility at these other storesI love the fact that Andrews Vitamins are Organic and I can purchase them at great prices - plus I have all I need for at least a year . Oh and another important point I would like to make is besides being Organic They Are MADE IN THE USA
Excellent , Husband454 NC
This vitamin C is the best .I don't have colds in the winter any more. Thank you.
C is great!, 1309lk IA
I enjoy this capsule along with the grape seed extract to help with my allergies. On high pollen days I take up to 3 of these thru out the day.
Good for me, rissy58 CA
I enjoy taking these for immune system protection, easy to swallow unlike some of the larger ones, thanks Andrew.
Vitamin C Complex, Bobby277 OH
We like the vitamin C and have used for several years.
Great, Husband454 NC
My husband and I take this Product. and we loveit. you can really tell a difference in your body.thanks
Great Product., maryalice1945 NY
I am never without this Vit C
Good stuff!, conchshell1 TX
All I have received from Andrew is excellent quality. I definitely feel better and look better since I became a faithful user. I believe my allergies are less aggravated when I use this product.
Vitamin C - see how great I feel, francesi NC
Most brands of C upset my stomach - Yours does not. I am able to take it with no problem. We love all your supplements. It is so wonderful to find vitamins and supplements that make a difference in how we feel and our increased health.Thank you, thank you, thank you.From both my husband and me
Best Vitamin C, TaraMB24 NY
My favorite Vitamin C! I love all Andrew's vitamins and this is another great one.
Great C's!, 1309lk IA
If I take 4 of these when I am having allergy issues or starting of a cold, it usually knocks it down. Normally I take 1 or 2 a few times a week.
great product , Joeygirl8 NJ
these vitamins are very high quality, i do not burp from them.
I take several of these a day love them.
Gentler on the stomach, nightRN FL
These are easier on stomach in comparison to other brands I have used before. The capsule form makes them easier to swallow than tablet format.
Enjoy taking these, Coral-Lea3 CA
I never skip a day taking these. Love these vitamins.
really helps, mdtd CT
These vitamin c 500 came just in time. I was coming down with something.Headache,aches,and a sore throat.Started 1 in the morning and 1 at supper.Starting to feel better. My husband also is taking them. Thanks for the great product. I also take other vitamins from Andrew.I will not buy from any one else. Just wish the prices would be lowered somewhat.
Size & Softness are great, krasher CA
I have very thin skin and bruise if I touch anything with my arm or whatever. Vitamin C helps this immensely so I don't look like a victim of violence. I have had bariatric surgery and cannot take large, hard pills which I find to be the kind Vitamin C come as. This is a nice soft capsule that goes down easily and does the job it should. These are now my only brand of Vitamin C to buy.
Vitamin C, worldpeace2013 MI
Love it!, BJ2010 NC
I take this twice per day. I rarely get sick and this product does not bother my teeth as some other Vitamin C products do (my teeth get super sensitive). Thank you, Andrew!
I am happy I bought these, tiredmama6 FL
I think it was a good value because I know it has quality ingredients.
Great, MFP1 PA
Always a good choice. Feel confident when using one of Andrew's products