Tony Little AbRider Plus Workout System by HealthRider®

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AbRider Plus - a real workout, texassusie TX
I saw this on HSN and thought it would be a great way to work on my core, build muscle, and lose some inches around my waistline. OMG! I didn't realize how out of shape I am. I is really a challenge, but I know if I stick with it, I will see results. You can really feel it working. I was sore only after a few reps, which means it is doing what it is supposed to. It is a large piece of equipment, so it takes up a lot of space. Too bad it isn't collapsible so I could put it away, but then I might not use it as often, so that's okay. I will be glad when I can work out at the level that Tony and the models do. Great product, well worth the investment.
I love this machine!! I have had 3 major back surgeries and I need to keep my core strong. This machine does that without causing extra stress on my back. This machine has helped my back pain more than any other machine or medication I have tried. This machine has changed my life. Not only has it helped my pain level, but I have amazing abs, at 49 years old!! I WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT THIS MACHINE!!
Great product!, ashnett TN
Not sure why there are quite a few bad reviews. I guess people just like to complain. This product is AWESOME! Very easy to use no matter what age you are and produces great upper body results. I would say that it's definitely worth the money. Such a small price to pay for a better looking body.
Thank you Tony Little, marilyn1889 FL
I have been using this for about a month now and I love it! It is a complete all over workout that targets ALL of my problem areas. I am already seeing results (and so is my husband). I just have to say, 8 lbs down, 32 to go. Thank you Tony!
Like this ab machine, pepper711 WA
This was a great addition to my workout. I feel I have gained strength in my core with it. The seat is slippery, so I put a foam back pad on the seat and solved that problem. Tony may want to think of adding a pad like mine with his machine.
Pretty Cool, sreddis MO
When I use it I start to lose weight. Easy to put together and feels very sturdy to use. My bad that I don't use it each and every day.
Great workout on HealthRider, llc NJ
When I first received the HealthRider, I put it together without any problems. Size is perfect for a smaller area and the machine itself is very sturdy. I am having great workouts with my new HealthRider! I think it was a great investment at a very reasonable price.
Could have told us, sotrue PA
Love the Ab Rider but did not appreciate the yellow insert in the instruction booklet in the back of the booklet which stated the instruction booklet was incorrect and the first piece that had to be put together was backward. Discovered this after I completed the AB Rider and had to correct this. If you had the time to put in a yellow sheet you could have stamped the front of the instructions as an alert and told us during the presentation.
My first experience with HSN, Outdorzgurl MO
Arrived early, easy to put together, easy to use equals happiness!
Ab Rider Plus!!, mae06 FL
Really love the machine and did my first workout on it yesterday. My only concern with it is the seat becomes very slippery once you start sweating. Maybe someone could design a non slip cover for it???
Ab Rider Plus, wishlist6 GA
It took a couple of hours to put this together. I did not order the weight, which are essential, I will be ordering them. It really does produce a good workout and if you're not use to working out, the beginners on the DVD is great.
Great Piece of Equipment, Sylvia952 MI
I have to start slow and cant do some of the exercises, because of an injured arm. However slow is better for my particular situation. I will just have to build up my strangth. Thanks Tony
abrider, marie79340 NJ
I recieved my abrider yesterday already did 2 workouts on it today and im feeling sore already..however one of the dvds didnt work and the pin cap is missing all in all no big deal i love it!!
DOES THE JOB, Dottie333 CA
The box came a little damaged, but all the parts were there and the machine looked OK. I'm 62 and handy, so I put it together myself with no problem. The instructions say it takes two people to put it together and there are alot of parts, but if you are HANDY you should be able to do it. Anyway, I had my first workout yesterday good videos and I did the beginner and some of the intermediate level. My UPPER ARMS, STOMACH and THIGHS muscles are sore today, so I know I got a good work out.
Not all reviews are created equal, sakaakir TN
I am not sure what people expected from the AbRider, I am VERY out of shape with arthritis and was able to do Tony's beginner routines, I am 5'9" I agree the seat is quite slippery. (4 stars for this) My daughter is 5'5" and was able to do every exercise as was my 4'10" son. They are both teens and did the Advanced routines. The complaints about the ability to "reach" the bar are silly as stated above are our heights. Tony shows you how to adjust your grip and alternative moves in his DVD. I received all 3 DVDs and while they are amateur for someone like Tony, they work. They did make us laugh quite a bit Tony!! This is an exercise machine, you have to work out on it. It won't do it for you. If you follow instructions you won't get hurt or disappointed. No pain no gain.
Delivers!, joyfolly TX
Was a little upsetting putting it together -- but once it was done, it really delivers. Have one of Tony's Gazelles also - its still in great condition - he builds quality stuff! My daughter is enjoying it too! Thanks Tony!
Pretty good machine!!, mziz64 MA
Received the AbRider pretty quick and so far I like it! Just a note - the DVDs really do a lousy job in explaining all the exercises that you can do with this machine. During the presentation, I taped the promo with Tony Little on HSN and refer to that when needing to learn the exercises. This is the first machine that I can work on my abs with my back hurting. I am 5'2" and about 25 lbs overweght and don't have a problem working this machine.
Fun piece of equipment, SDiegoGirl CA
I have had mine for about a well and the only problem I've got is that the seat is so slick I can't stay on it! I slide right off unless I'm on my knees and my skin is againt the seat cushion. I'm trying to figure out what I can cover it with so that it will have more grip, but otherwise I'm having fun and just have to be careful not to slide off!
It's a Family Affair, kws5 GA
Since i's so hot out, my 2 daughters and teenage son are enjoying a new twist on exercise. it is well made and had good instructions. So many different ways to build upper body strength. It is hevy but rolls easily to another part of the room. it does not take up the space that my eliptical does. Still working on how to chance settigs on the digital screen. 15 minutes and you'll feel like you've had a good work out.
slick seat solution, caracara TX
While I can't write a review of the equipment no CD's yet, I can solve the slick seat problem. Purchase a can of clear Plasti-Dip spray..multipurpose rubber Ace Hardware or online. It's perfect....
Tony Little AbRider, moie1953 OH
I think I will like using this, but I thought it came with an instructional DVD to show the different ways to use it. It did not, so I am not sure if I am doing the exercises correctly. I think I will contact HSN to see if there should have been one included.
5 days...., toyarc MI
It's only been 5 days and I feel the burn which is good. But promised dvd/booklets were NOT enclosed.
AbRider Plus Workout System, Inauthority PA
I would have rated higher, but when delivered, I did not receive the DVDs, plans, or anything else that should have been included in my order.
Good Not Amazing!, anicruz13 TX
Like other reviewers mentioned, I too have issues with the seat being too slippery. I am 5ft 3half inches and wish the bars were adjustable because I have to grab onto the center for some of the exercises. Also the foot bar is too high for me and does not properly hold my feet down when doing crunches. Also, I do not have a lot of upper body strength and it is challenging for me to get a great ab work out. It is a great workout for my arms. They no longer jiggle when I wave which is AWESOME!