Taya Beauty Taya Amazon White Clay & Acacia Collagen Hair Plumper

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full hair!, shirley269 GA
This product works wonders on fine, limp hair colored hair. I cannot do without it now that I see how much difference it makes.
No more thin hair, montsam CA
I wish you could all hear my happiness. I've worked with so many products and nothing worked. I just washed my hair and put the hair on just over the top and moved it down the bottom. Wow what beautiful thick looking hair again. I'm thrilled and thank you HSN for Taya. Highly recommend people.
Super, bammie398 TX
Love this stuff! Wish HSN would get in the 2-pack like they had before. How about that, HSN?
Superior increase in hair thickness., SusieQ2422 IN
Taya Amazon white clay hair plumper worked wonders on my thinning and fine hair. It added so much thickness and fullness. I am so pleased with this product.
Great , NIT MO
Does give LIFT TO. HAIR
Finally, crickett6969 CA
I finally found something that makes my hair look thicker. I have baby fine and thin hair. Tried this and now I have something that I like
Fantastic for fine hair, SUSANFROMNJ NJ
I love this volumizer. I have very fine soft hair that has its own way. I first put on the carpaiba volume resinall over my hair. Then I shake and spray this on my roots directly, not as shown on HSN. My hair can handle the extra product.Most volumizers make me loose more hair. This does not. Hardly any hair in the brush when I am done styling. Also no product build up and it washes out nicely. really puffy volumized beautiful hair that covers my thin spots. Stays all day & next moring still puffy.I slightly dampen my hair the next day & restyle. So easy. Hair is not dried out and looks shiny both days.
Taya Amazon hair plumper ., Anonymous MD
Taya she make nice product i share some with my own sister my sister she start in love ask me send her more & more again by Taya difference hairs spay or shampoo too.
Doesn't disappoint!, bjaflashopper FL
If you're looking for a product that thickens without damaging your hair, this is for you. I've used for some time now and wouldn't go without it. Easy to use, doesn't weigh your hair down and doesn't leave a residue. This product actually improves the health of your hair as well and you can spend much more on similar products elsewhere. Highly recommend.
VOLUME!, Houstonpam TX
This is the best hair volumizer I have ever tried. As a red-head, I have very thin hair and any styling usually falls out within a couple of hours. Not only did Taya Amazon White Clay Hair Plumper give my hair great volume, I received compliments on my hair style the day after I had curled! That was a first for me! I will be buying a lot of this product!
It's great, LSB13 NJ
Don't know how others are using or misusing the product but it is the best I have come across. With wet hair I just spray a small amount on top ( I have fine soft hair and not as much as I used to have) I put 3 or 4 rollers in and dry it for a few minutes and take out the rollers and brush it and I have hair that I do not have to touch accept for brushing for 2 or 3 days. I have always found that I get more body with rollers than just blowdrying. My hair has never been sticky. I cannot say that about other products I have tried.
This Works!, CJB_in_CT CT
I have very thin, fine hair and can honestly say that this is the BEST hair care line that I have ever used (and I am fortunate enough to have tried them all, regardless of price, and regardless of the venue from which I have purchased them from). It's simple to get fantastic results!! Wash and condition your hair, towel dry it, shake the can, spray a few pumps of product into your palm, rub hands together, then rub all through your hair from roots to the ends. Blow dry and style your hair as usual. This is exactly how I use it and my hair is SOOO much FULLER, and talk about SHINY! If this hasn't worked for you, you are doing it WRONG! I wish I had the ability to tell EVERYONE about Taya!! I work with thousands of people and EVERYBODY I know is amazed at how good my hair has been looking the past two years. Honestly, there are people who thought I had extensions in my hair because it looks so incredible. Whenever somebody comments, I tell them about the White Clay Hair Plumper
Hair Plumper, efrost FL
This product is great, it works well for me, I am Africa American and have a thinning hair problem. This product does plump hair and fill in.
It's Awesome!!!, Medeamax MI
I Love it! The trick for me is using less! As will all products, people with fine hair, less is more! I've been a hairdresser for 30 years and this product really works! You just have to adjust the amount to the texture of your hair! If the product leave your hair flat, sticky, heavy, etc, you're using to much!
Amazing!!!!!, garnet49 CO
This is the first time I've found something that gave my baby-fine hair body and it stayed perfect for 2 days. It's takes the place of a mousse and hairspray and is the best product I've ever used, and I've used a lot of products. Totally amazing product!
I like it very much, kalipo PA
I use it everyday it thickens my hair it's not sticky and it leave a shine on my hair, I will buy it again. I do have lots of hair and it's gray but this gives me just enough hight that I need. Oh and I can style my hair much better with the plumper on.
Very little goes a tremendously long way!, willescapecasoon CA
Excellent product. Just as shown a small amount in the hand one small spurt and rubbed roots to tip and it works great. I've not found a problem with anything in this line. It brought me back to HSN. As long as they have it I'm an HSN customer regularly. Where ever they are, I'm in to the TAYA brand for life now! They save money due to the small amount you have to use and they really work when used exactly as they show. I think any bad reviews must stem from waay too much of the product being used. I love this line! Thanks Patricia!
My limp hair is now pumped up !!! I love it...
works great, LIKE2SHOP FL
Great smell,Great lift. This will Be my second order,and got the double pack special.You have To Spray In Your Hand,Not Directly On Hair.
Amazing !!!!!, pinetop CT
When I first tried it I was not happy with it at all until I figured how to make it work for me and I love it !!! I spray 3 to 4 quick sprays onto the palm of my hand and rub my hands together...I then bend over and rub my hands through my hair and flip my head up ...wait a minute then style my hair..I do it every day and my hair has never looked better...Sometimes I do it a few times a day...I do not have to wash my hair as often and the condition of my hair is fabulous...This product did not work for me when I sprayed it directly on my hair, so for those of you who did not like it please give it another try...I love it and I have gotten rid of all my other hair products.
I have very find and thin hair., judiwonder OK
I thought I had tried everything on my hair to make it look thicker. This is what I have been looking for. I will always keep on hand. Makes my hair look fuller and thicker. Will continue to purchase in the future.
wondeful poduct, keipa TN
I like the product, my hair is very thin and it does help to make it look thicker
Hair Plumper, boudreaux1 LA
The Hair Plumper that I bought was made with white clay I believe and this line caught my attention because it's ingredients boasts of pure Rain Forest and Organic oils and formulas handed down for generations! It sounded really good to me because I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor TWICE and needed some restoration of shine & full body; yet softness brought back to my hair. It was wonderful! I LOVE it! I've never had anything so easy to use that squirts just the exact places on your head that you need it! Terrific product!
This Stuff Works, Bellarosy NV
Having fine medium length hair can be a challenge when you need to look professional at work all day. I was considering cutting off my hair and decided to try one more product. Thank you for this wonderful product. My hair stays in place all day, a quick brush or fluff with my hands and it looks great again. Finally, a product that does exactly what it says it will do. You won't be sorry, try it!
Love this stuff, At_the_beach PA
Since purchasing this product, I can't live without it. I have curly,fine hair. I spray the product into my hands and apply when hair is damp, before blow drying,with a round brush. My hair is smooth and shiny. Couldn't get these results with similar products. A little pricey, but worth it.