As Seen on TV Whip-It Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Concentrate Duo with Stain Pen

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Works Great!, organyzedlady84 OR
I have Foster Kids in my home, this cleans great with very little odor.
good stuff, flyrabbit NC
ones you used be hook lol you will never buy chemicals again. love love it buy it.
Excellent!, Di2U OH
When I saw it would remove brake dust, I had to try it. It worked! Heavy brake dust gone! I had tried many other product none of them worked. Whip-It cleaner is Great! I'm very pleased with the low cost and how well it works.
Excelente, Iraisa NV
It cleans perfectly. I even use it on my carpets and it is great.
works good, Chris1960 FL
It work great I used it soon as I took out of the box on the rug, the tile floor and the doors. well all over AN I LOVE IT.
Love This Stuff!!, SOLShopper MD
I've seen this product advertised for a long period of time and finally decided to give it a go. I used it on the tile in my bathroom - I sprayed, wiped and rinsed with the shower head and voila! The tile SHINED - I couldn't believe it but it's true. It worked for me and I would definitely purchase again. Thanks HSN
Great Buy , mothercat89 NY
Finally a cleaner that works on pet stains thoroughly. I was and am still amazed at how well it works. HSN also has the best price for the amount and extras you get. The pen even worked on spaghetti sauce stains.
Whip it works, grannies3girls TN
Whip it works as good as they say, it got old pet stains out of my white carpet. I had to use a stronger strength though. I would purchase again and would recommend to my friends.....
great cleaner, wildheart888 CA
This is a very safe and very efficient cleaner. I will order this again
Excellent, SaavyShopper275 NY
As good as they say it is. It even got out blood stains.
Wow!!!!!!, KPinNY NY
I was doubtful until I used it. Took the stains right out!!!! My dog broke a nail and it bled all over. Got it out of my beige carpet! I AM A BELEIVER. It even removed a stain that was over a year old and had been cleaned a dozen times. The only question I have is ..... Does it come in a carpet shampoo version for a cleaning machine....or ....can I put it in my carpet shampooer? Love love love it !!!!!!
Excellent results., azcollie AZ
This brought pet (cat) stains to sparkling white with one pass of the carpet cleaner.I sprayed the surface with premixed sprayer and also used the solution in my machine. Also has a very pleasant and clean fragrance.
Wonder Cleaner, aussie213 FL
This product is great. I have a Sharp Convection/Microwave oven with a stainless steel interior. Nothing but soap and water is allowed to clean the interior. Hello? Over the years it has stains that are baked on. Soap and water does nothing to remove any of them, but with Wonder Cleaner, little by little I can get some of them off, especially on the interior window panel. I highly recommend this product. At first the claim that it makes water work harder seemed impossible, but it is true. I wish the inventor could come up with something stronger to REALLY clean my stainless interior of my Sharp. I once jokingly said I would give up my husband before I would give up this wonderful oven that allows you to bake, broil, microwave or a combo that cooks a 4lb pork loin combining microwave and roasting in one hour. It comes out beautifully brown and the interior is moist and delicious! So please invent something to get out those harder to remove stains please. Pat Bird
Should be called miracle in a bottle !, Denemoss NY
This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I park my car in a garage whose deteriorating cement would drip on the hood of my car everytime it rains. I tried everything to remove the stains left by the cement residue to no avail. I was planning to have the car painted . I saw all the stains the product could remove & decided to give it a try. WHIP IT! removed every mark. My co-workers were so impressed all nine of them ordered their own bottles. HSN please thank the WHIP IT inventor for saving my hundreds of dollars with Maaco.Try it , you won'the be disappointed.
smells great, lovelylinda1 PA
Great smell. Good cleanser.
Amazed, jhawk1 KS
I was skeptical at first but could not believe how it gets carpet stains up, even old ones! I love how it doesn't have chemicals in it. I also used it on my clothes stain. Came right out. Please try this, you will be amazed.
Whip-It Cleaner and Concentrate Duo with Stain Pen, ROTFUCHS NJ
works just awesome. Got my stove clean very fast.
Neat stuff, cyn50red ME
I used this product as soon as I opened it. It works wonderfully. Thank you
lives up to hype, tracypetersen63 AZ
i bought a handyman home that had paint ball gun paint everywhere...i tried all prodicts to remove from walls and NOTHING worked until whip it...thank god cuz my next step was to sand blast walls and ceilings. awesome product well worth the money.
Really works!!!, Geri6002 KS
This stuff is great!!! Removed stains and spots in a jiffy without much effort!!! Love it!!'
Whip-it Cleaner, gg CA
I give it an A+
Amazing stain cleanser., Patto43 WA
I tried this on a set in oil stain in one of my blouses and the stain came out. I was really glad as it was my favorite tops. Sincerely, Priscilla
Unbelievable, discodisco AZ
First thing I cleaned was my glass stove top. .within minutes all the grease and black ring was gone. Then I cleaned my hard water shower doors. AGAIN completely clean and the smell was like fresh lemons. LOVE this product...where was it when I had a cleaning service. But it worth every penny and more...
Surprising Usage!, Bobbi007 CA
I've only had this item a short time, and in addition to being a good general cleaning product, Whip-It now is great at something else--ant killer!Right now during the summer heat, tiny, tiny ants are entering the house. I grabbed my Whip-It which I have been using to spray the inside of my toilet bowls after every flushing. When I saw the new trail of ants, I experimented with Whip-It, and it killed them right away, without any artificial chemical smell and dangerous poisons!!
Wonderful product!, pickskrafter TN
My thoughts on this product was great to start with - However - our son was working in an area that has the red clay soil and it generally stains. He sprayed his jeans with this and threw them right into the washer- I was hesitant since he didn't let them soak per say -but he pulled them out there were no stains or sign of the red clay any where.