Andrew Lessman Essential Omega-3 - Orange Flavored - 60 Capsules

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No burps, love these., maryalice1945 NY
Great, no after taste at all.
Best fish oil supplement, PinkCamoPrincess FL
I have tried many Gish oil supplements and none worked for me. I tried Andrew version and it worked wonders! I feel much healthier. Will always take this!
Best Omega so Far, Pr1ncess16 IL
I couldn't take Omegas because they would completely upset my stomach and give me the worst gas. This is the first product that does not upset my stomach or cause issues and no unpleasant after taste. Thanks Andrew
My dog and I are taking it, IrisAnderson CA
I have been taking Andrew Lessman's Omega 3 for a long time now. My doctor wants me to take "fishoil" but anything I found in the stores was fishy. So I love this product. But recently my veterinarian also prescribed "fishoil" for my dog who has some skin and hair conditions. But she refused to eat anything that had the prescribed "fishoil" on it as it had a strong smell. So I started giving her Andrew's Omega 3 and my dog no longer protests. It doesn't have a bad smell so she sniffs her bowl and goes ahead and swallows the food with Omega 3 on it. So my dog and I are both continuing customers. Thank you.
Keeps me Alive, boys30 IL
I have taken these for a few yrs. an I wouldn't be without these. No after taste. Easy to take.Mats from IL. Another 5 stars for AL vitamins.
Wonderful product, Johni126 NJ
I love these! They are pricey, but there's no yucky fish after taste like most omega 3 pills. Highly recommend!!
Good choice!, doggieinwindow LA
I have not noticed any aftertaste in these supplements, and they do not cause upset stomach or bloating. Please put them on special so I can stock up.
love them, semester ND
doesn't leave fishy taste, do get a hint of the orange
Steady improvements to my health, EddMart FL
The product truly is easy to swallow and taste like orange not fish if not enough food is eaten with it and eructation occurs. I waited 60 days to complete this review but the benefits were noticed early on. My vision has improved (especially at night). The whites of my eyes are brighter and small capillary veins have diminished. I've had regeneration of the enamel of my front teeth. My knee soreness was also decreased. I will re-order with out a doubt.
Love, Asia582 LA
I love these. My husband and I have been taking these for about 2 years. We can tell when we ran out and had to use an inferior replacement. No repeat nor fishy taste. Just great results. Thanks Andrew!
Won't be without this!!, norahs2k TX
I love this product. My husband and I take these. There is no after taste. This is a great value. I try to order the largest amount on the TS to last a year or the next Today's Special. A must try.
GREAT GREAT , tootsie_164 IL
Wonderful Product, PAULASUSAN FL
I have been taking this product for years since the doctor thinks it is helpful. I notice that it has kept my skin moist as I age. I am 69. I'm confident it is also doing all sorts of good things for me internally. :-)
Yea...No after taste!, 1309lk IA
This is my 2nd bottle. My physical came out good. This seems to deliver what it says it is going to.
Five Stars, chloe212 TX
Can't say enough about Andrew products.
Arthritis essential, nightRN FL
Taking 3 a day for arthritis. Unexpected benefit was skin is softer & smoother. My rough dry elbows have disappeared.
betz5, betz5 FL
I like. Seams like a good product. I am happy with it I would order again
The Best!, bella160 OK
I highly recommend Andrew Lessman's products and love the high quality omega-3 fish oil capsules. No fishy taste to them!
great vitamins, winnstex TX
We have purchased this product several times already since my husband's heart attack. Love the fact that they are made in the USA . Since I go back each time I run out tells a story, would not repurchase if I did not like them and feel they were worth the money!
Love it, chaga TX
Always good
Perfect!, Annie529 MN
My husband I a heart patient and he hated the other fish oil and omegas on the market...But after only 1 day he said this was the best one ever...No burp, no fish after taste...thank you for making My life easier!!! Sincerely, His Wife
Wonderful..., Mim7 IL
Wonderful like ALL of Andrew's products...this is a wonderful man with tons of knowledge and a great love of his work. He is totally trustworthy and I buy so many of his products and they are all 'see and feel the dif products'Love you Andrew!!!!!! And you are so Handsome!! I love watching you...Thanks for all you do for us
They are the best., Dee58 KY
Love the omega -3, no fishy taste or smell.
Best Omega 3 supplement out there, Miami2 FL
I work with sports Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers and they were VERY impressed with my Andrew Lessman daily multivitamin and this Omega 3 supplement. I haven't caught any of the colds or flu that went around my office this year and attribute it to my supplements.
great product at an affordable price, GreatUncleG MD
thank you for providing such a great product at such an affordable price. My cardiologist suggested that I take the omega-3 fatty acids for my health. I've looked in the stores for this item but the prices they wanted were out of this world and when I saw I could get such a large amount that is going to last me two years fruit for such a low price I couldn't pass it up. this is the third product that I've purchased from Andrew Lessman and I am so extremely happy with them I will continue to buy my products from him and HSN.