Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck Automatic 8-Quart Rapid Pressure Cooker

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Best Rice EVERRR!, TinaLuvsHSN NJ
I bought this product for my sons 25th birthday since he and his girlfriend aren't big cooks and not only do they cook large meats in this, but she thanked me and said her rice has never turned out better! This is a great gift for future daughter-in-laws and sons who are learning how to cook for more than just themselves.Loving mom ;)
LOVE, klpdlp IA
Best one yet!, windsorlass20 FL
I am very happy with this pressure cooker from Wolfgang Puck. In the eighties we had the stove top version pressure cooker which was good but recently decided to try an electric version. The one that we originally chose was digital. It was confusing and we felt that you needed a degree in engineering to understand the operating manual. This pressure cooker is as easy as the other was difficult. You literally add your ingredients, sufficient liquid, turn the dial and within a short period have a wonderful, tasty and nutritious meal. We also purchased the cook book which was very interesting and helped towards developing our own recipes Love this pressure cooker!
Best Pressure Cooker, shooter1 LA
I like the convenience of cooking worry free, set thetimer and the meals are ready and delicious.
Another winner from Chef Puck, barwana CA
Easy to use. Safe. Cleans easily. I have not gotten a bad product from Chef Puck !!!!
Wonderfully easy, maryos1 NY
I am just reviewing this now. I had purchased it in late August. I also bought the cook book and was studying the do's and don't's on operating it as well as looking over the recipes in the separate book I also purchased at the same time. My first dish was the chicken cutlets with dumplings. I used different spice - cilantro as that is what I had in house. I did not make the dumplings but the recipes were easy to follow. Boy, what that chicken stew delicious and cooked at the time the recipe said it would. I never realized that food could taste so much better in the pressure cooker. It will be my "go to" for many dishes. Just remember to follow the liquid measurements in the recipe and you will find it works just great. Oh, this is my first ever PC and we've been married for over 35 years, so was learily at first, but don't be, it really is easy. I guess I had it in my mind the older versions that caused trouble, this is a dream.
I love it, IamStormy MD
I love it. There is nothing more to say.
This is the best pressure cooker I've ever owned. , Moma123 NM
It is so easy to use I let my parents try it out to see if they found it as easy to use as I did. They did,so I'm getting them one for their anniversary. I love not having to worry about temperatures and setting. Just one dial does it all. JUST LOVE IT. Thanks again Wolfgang another great product.
Loving!!!!, blondey131 NC
I cannot understand why I waited so long to try. I am totally SOLD!!!
michigan gal, nowandthen MI
I have always wanted a electric pressure cooker, electric because I'm not at ease with the ones used on the stove. I really am enjoying this appliance. If you have a family, do buy this size and get ready to prepare meals in minutes.
LOVE IT, waterlily66 GA
This is an awesome buy...the food is so tender and seasoned to perfection. I plan to purchase a 2nd one for the holidays!!
Love it!!!!, Dawn333 NJ
I have never used a pressure cooker before and this was so easy!!!! I use it frequently and love to invent new things to cook. Besides the time I save cooking my most favorite thing is how flavorful the food is. Thank you Wolfgang Puck for such an awesome product!!!
mima8, mima8 FL
Se las recomiendo es muy buena. ya cocine frijoles negros,rabo de res quiso de maiz co trocitos de carne de puerco.todo quedo perfecto .eso si recomiendo no poner mucha un color hermoso .ya yo tengo una Elite 8 Q y la saque de la cocina es muy complicada esta es facil de usar no tienes ni que leer el manual.para operar en ella.muchas gracias wolfgang puck.
The Best!, winedprinces CA
This pressure cooker is the best one on the market today. It's not fancy with all the digital dials, but who needs those, that's just something that will break down.Pressure cooking is a fun way to prepare your meals. It's fast & easy for us busy working folks that end up eating at 8-9 pm by the time you finish your prep & cooking.My family are cooks, one professionally trained, and we all love to use this pressure cooker. My adult sons even have fun using it because it makes them look like they can cook. They can't mess the meal up in this.Great job !
the prssure cooker, Chief1216 MD
I bought the pressure cooker and it is the best deal I have ever purchase this works great I would recommend this to everyone
LOVE IT, jeannette92 CT
Absolutely the best pressure cooker I've used. Thank you
great product, Irene50 CA
I love it! Food comes out so tender. Will be buying more.
Cooker, widgits AZ
Already own The Elite but I like this dial in time one better, less complicated than digital.
Pressure cooker, Leticia831 TX
I've used the pressure cooker before it was smaller but this one is better I would not change it for nothing I recommend it it works great
does what wolfgang says, jkneedsalife OH
i have a pressure cooker that is at least 60 years old....researched the new ones for at least 9 months and choose wolfgang's....i absolutely love it and mariane's cookbook...very easy to adapt recipes...i wish i had gotten it years ago
My Pressure Cooker, javi0214 FL
This product is amazing, It does what is says !!
Love this Pressure Cooker, Opinions1 FL
Even though we are currently remodeling our kitchen and it is a torn up mess right now, I was able to cook an extremely tender beef stew last night in 30 minutes start to finish. That includes peeling and chopping up the vegetables and using frozen beef! That's what I'm talking about!I couldn't be happier with my new pressure cooker. Thanks Wolfgang
Awesome!, Flash152 WI
I've been checking out the prices of pressure cookers for awhile now. This one was the best buy for its size. I also got a coupon code online and saved another 15% off the price. Just search online for HSN coupon codes. I couldn't pass up that deal. Pressure cookers save you a lot of time and your food tastes so much better. I have purchased other kitchen items by Wolfgang Puck and they all were very nice.
Love it!, shiplj IL
I remember my mom cooking with a stove top pressure cooker when I was just a kid. I can still remember how good the meals were but I never bought one because I also remembered my mom's stern warnings about the dangers of pressure cooking on the stove top Well, after watching Wolfgang Puck present this electric pressure cooker, I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did. I love this thing! It is so easy to use and everything I have made so far has turned out great! I've made beef stew, pasta with Italian sausage, macaroni with cheese, and penne with meatballs. Tonight I'm going to make country ribs and sauerkraut and tomorrow I'm going to try corned beef cooked in beer. I'm having a blast trying new recipes and cleanup is a breeze. Thanks for a wonderful product!
pressure cooker, sothside AZ
had to have another cooker I all ready have one and i love it