Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck Automatic 8-Quart Rapid Pressure Cooker

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Great purchase, ThriftyMomof4 MS
Love it!!! You won't be disappointed in buying this cooker......
Pressure Cooker, randyzip IL
Very happy with the unit. Basic functions work well and my results so far have been terrific.
Second year still using it weekly!, Monny2014 FL
I've been using my WP pressure cooker 1-3 times per week for over a year now. It's still working great! Fast and reliable product for the price you pay. I agree with some reviews that the print is fading off because of the steam vapors. Also some pasta sauces or thick heavy foods stick to the bottom of the pot since it's a little worn out (no kidding!! ) but it's expected after so much usage... I am ordering the stainless steel replacement for it hoping that will be better. So NO COMPLAINTS!
the best Pressure Cooker, vski CA
I own this product from HSN. Great price today! Simple to figure out, not a bunch of buttons to read and push. If you have been thinking about it now's the time
Thank goodness for Easy pay :-), marcella2 FL
A little pricey , but i love it
8-Quart Rapid Pressure Cooker, Sweetpea1947 AL
I got this for my son for his birthday and he loves it. Great item at a good price. With all the safety features, you can use this with absolutely no worries. This is not so big and bulky, but is large enough for big meals. A great addition for any kitchen and I love the choice in colors.
Love this way to cook, mnolan KY
Pressure cooking is the best way to cook great meals in a hurry. All the nutrients remain and the taste is out of this world. If you are a professional working women or a stay at home mom, your family will appreciate the home cooking and wonderful taste that comes from this awesome cooker. Buy this now! It will change your life!
Geo - great, geod CA
Great product. Better if meat is thawed. Much better than fast food.
Wolfgang Puck Automatic 8 qt Pressure Cooker, T-R KS
I use my pressure cooker 3 to 4 times a week. A real friend in my kitchen.
Pressure cooker, maxmax7 WA
I have used it five times now and I love it
Great Pressure Cooker, PDMorrill FL
I wish I had bought two...Need I say more?
Should have tried this years ago...I love this!, Embossn WI
Made soups, chili, and venison stew with this cooker. All turned out excellent but I wanted to try to pressure cook stuffed peppers. Once you do stuffed peppers in the pressure cooker you will never make them any other way. I used my old recipe, made four peppers the usual way, and since my peppers were so big I set the timer for 18 minutes. The cooker made a surprising difference. These were the best stuffed peppers I ever ate and it was just my old recipe. Thanks WP. we love the results!
How did I live without one?, Bondonosand CT
Much more heavy duty than I thought it would be.Heats quickly and the food is quite good. Took a bit to figure out the cleaning of the lid,helps a bunch if you read the directions first.I have used this 4 out of the seven days since I got it.Easy to use and clean.The timer is broken down into 3 min intervals,they should mention this in the manual.Other than that I am very satisfied,Wolfgang Puck is the Best.
Best Yet, larryj579 NY
Love it quick easy simple meals , also great for canning!!
i lovemy Wolfgang puck cooker, tabbycat16 MO
I love it, it makes cooking so much easier, thanks for this.
pressure cooker, cm21 ID
I haven't because it was bought as a gift. I was very impressed at the quality. I can't wait for them to go back on sale so I can buy one for myself!
Best Pressure Cooker, Yomafu TX
Love it!!! It has made my cooking so much easier and faster. I use to use the pressure cookers on the stove but nothing like this, l love that it has a timer and the food stays warm after it stops.
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!, lacejack PA
Excellent -- easy to operate -- easy to clean -- and wonderful results -- if you are off a little on the timing, you can always put it back on for a few more minutes and get it to the point that the food melts off the bones ... and you can cook everything in it !!!!This is my 2nd pressure cooker -- Am giving this one to my sister ...
Love This Pressure Cooker!, shalakay MN
This cooker is wonderful! I cook pulled pork and pot roast all the time and they both come out perfect. So much flavor, its better than any restaurant. Its very easy to use and easy to clean. Highly recommended!
AWSOME, Rusty604 FL
Start making cooking easier and faster!!, dance57 UT
I should be a spokes person for this great product. I have bought 6 of them. It has big dials and is sturdy built and easy clean up. For the foodies out there that want to skip some steps and still have great healthy meals this is the best. If you take care of it and store it well it will give you meals of use. I use mine at least 3 to 4 times a week.
This is a must have for a busy working mom! i purchased the stainless steel insert so i do not have to use the nonstick pot. i am not much on the nonstick with food. the stainless pot is the reason i purchased the rapid pressure cooker. there isn't anything like that on the works well and fast. i am making dinner in half the time. this is great for making mashed potatoes or a vegetable side with fresh carrots or asparagus. it's a 3-5 minute wait. vs. my steamer that is 20 minutes or so.this is amazing Wolfgang!! thank you
pressure cooker, Rita114 IL
I HAVE TO SAY THE RECIPES I TRIED WERE FANTASTIC. There is a learning curve to it. You still have to prep. But you can take a frozen meat to finish as the recipe says. I just wish there were more recipes that came with it.I bought the other recipe book but it does not go with this pressure cooker.
Love it, Love it, Love it, Angie110 FL
This is my second Pressure Cooker and I like Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker the best. It is so simple because you only have to set it by how many minutes you want it to cook. A cook book comes with it to tell you how many minutes for beef, pork, veggies, etc. I make, Ribs, Chicken Wings, Roast and even soups. I recommend this Cooker to everyone.
Love it! First time pressure cooker user..., Jandytay CA
Simple and fast. I've done at least 6 different things and this can't be easier, and the flavoring in the food is perfect. I've never used one before and it so worth the price . I googled pressure cooker times and got some easy little grids with cooking times. Love it!