Vicky Tiel Vicky Tiel 21 Bonaparte Eau de Parfum Spray

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My husband notice I changed my frangance, Lucyloveshsn NY
Wow! I've been using Oscar de la Renta since I was 15 years old and stole bottle from my Mom's vanity. With my signature scent, I've lived skeptical of other scents and I'm only 30. I mean, not even the Chanel No5 in the world could make me turn back. But I want to be that woman who smells nice, I want to go in a room and for scent lovers, perfume lovers to be like "she smells nice". I want to walk down the street and for people to notice that I am wearing perfume! Well, for starters my husband noticed. I think it's good sign.
love it!, Berrysouak NJ
Buy it! Great scent
Love this scent!, Donna906 CA
Vicky Tiel's 21 Bonaparte Eau de Parfum reminds me of the perfumes my mother used to wear in the 1950's and 1960's. She loved very expensive French perfumes, some of which she purchased in Paris. Love this fragrance for its depth and sophistication. It is very unique when compared to other fragrances out there. Truly a signature fragrance.
pleasant, susievd CA
I have to say like most, I was sceptical to purchase without actually trying first. But the way it was discribed, what did I have to lose. Your return policy is great! Anyway, when I received it I was very pleased with this Parfum spray. I always have a difficult time finding fragances for my individual chemistry. With that said, everyone is different even with the same parfum. I really like the light fresh smell of it. I am not fond of the heavy fragances out there. So, yes I would continue to purchase it again. I have purchased much more expensive parfums, it is not about the $$$.
Elegant!, LovetoShoponHSN8 TX
Classy, Elegant, Timeless. Could be sold at Neiman's. Perfect for Spring/Summer. Love it!!! 5 stars
ooh la la!, midnite-shopper FL
Can't believe I could actually order a fragranceon tv and absolutely fall in love the minute I opened it. Please always keep this in stock! Wore my last fragrance for more than 20 years and really didn't want to change-So glad I did.Five stars all the way!
Delicious, JoshuaTree NY
This fragrance is exactly that - delicious. Musky and earthy, yet not overpowering. Great for everyday or evening!
Susie, suep505 FL
I am very fussy when it comes to fragrance and because of this I have used very few brands over the years. Needless to say I was nervous about ordering a fragrance without first trying it. I love this product. it doesn't give me a headache as most do. I'm not good at describing scents but the presentation does a great job or I would not have tried it. It is not overwhelming and has a very pleasant aroma. This one is a definite keeper!
I LOVE THIS PARFUM., sunshine56994 NY
True Turn On, esquire VA
I don't have a man in my life right now. However, this smell is soooooo sexy it has an effect on me.Thank you.
Beautiful, JLNCA1 CA
The first time I sprayed it I began to get a headache. However, the scent is just BEAUTIFUL and I was determined to keep it!!! Very high end and unusual. It reminds me of the fragrances I purchased in France. Used it 4 days in a row and I just love it!! Thank you for such a lovely fragrance.
A Beautiful Fragrance!, texisgrl77 TX
I love this fragrance! Ms. Tiel was right when she described it as a high end French quality fragrance. I highly recommend it and I will purchase it again!
I smell so good!, Onvie CA
I ordered this fragrance because I was curious. Really did not expect it to be so nice .Vicky Tiel and the hostess said it was "sexy".i found it to be delicate, fresh, clean smelling and very wearable. It is appropriate for any time of day. I really like it.
Lovely!, Robbilou PA
I just received my perfume. I ordered it based on the reviews. I LOVE IT! My teenage son kissed me goodnight and said "Mom, you smell sooooo good!" He has rarely commented on my fragrance. Give it a try. I think if you like a mild woodsy spice with subtle softness you may feel as I do. :)
love this scent, 12352kll LA
I got a sample of this with another order. I loved this scent from the start. I like the top notes and the bottom notes... Combination of these make this a winner for me! Make more sizes-purse size roll on would be nice!
Love it!, catcat1883 NV
Received a sample with one of my orders. Tried it and just love the scent. It is a clean, light scent. Love the bottom notes of vanilla,sandalwood and patchouli. Ordered the Eau de parfum and the body lotion. I have been wearing French perfume for over 40 years and was looking for a newer, updated scent. Thank you Vicky for this wonderful fragrance :)
Very elegant , missVickie GA
I received a compliment saying how incredibly clean my fragrance was. Thanks, Vicky.
Subtle but Fragrant Perfume , Lo4 CA
A lovely lingering feminine fragrance in Vicky Tiel's Bonaparte 21 eau de parfum. I would buy it again!
pleasant surprise, ellaemma IL
This scent is alittle strong, but I find I really likeit.
Nice fragrance, m1dn1te OH
Love this scent. Wish it would last longer though.
Nice!, MadSassy NY
Perfume smells great, very feminine.
The only reason this is not 5* is .., wolfertwhines NY
I love perfume and I have the nose to recognize a great one. This is one of them. Unfortunately, I do have tremendous allergies and many perfumes aggravate me and this is one of them. I wish it didn't so badly because this perfume is so elegant and beautiful. It doesn't smell like ANYTHING out there! It's worth a try ladies if you're looking for a new scent that smells classic, elegant, upscale, expensive, etc. This is a GREAT fragrance but I will gift it to someone who I know loves the same fragrances I do.
ok, jrcole FL
this is a nice perfume but i expected WOW since she saida man actually remarked on the smell no one has said anything.phermone musk by marilyn miglin still wins
Vicky Tiel 21 Bonaparte Eau de Parfum, nayze48 MI
I have so many beautiful parfums, so I thought that I'd try this parfum by Vicky Tiel. Not blown away-has alot of the same notes and very similiar nose appeal as my other parfums. After watching the host speak how wonderful it was I thought OK, give it a try! I was looking for something that really spoke to me, this wasn't it! Not sure if I'll send it back, still considering if I really need another parfum.
Not for me, gracie137 OH
I love perfume. This scent just didn't get it for me. I purchased it because Amy was going on and on about how beautiful it was. I sent it back.